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Spot a fake brand name handbag, shoe, or clothing


Many people that are shopping for brand-name clothing, shoes and handbags online are looking for the best deal on the items they want. You might find the item you want for say $100 which is the actual retail price of the item, then you search some more and you find the exact item for $25, how can that be? most of the times that much cheaper item might be a counterfeit item. Not only is it a disappointment to receive your order to find out it is counterfeit, but it is also illegal in most parts of the world. In this section we will help you on how to spot a counterfeit item.

Please keep in mind that this section is made for high-end brand-name merchandise, such as Gucci, Versace, Juicy Couture, Fendi, Kate Spade, Armani, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, Channel, True Religion, Citizens of Humanity and so on.

The most usually suspect for a counterfeit item is the price, if the price is much cheaper than everyone else that is selling it, it will most likely be fake. All brand-name merchandise has a retail price that is given by the manufacturer, all stores that sell that item, buy it from the manufacturer for the same wholesale price as every other store. Most manufacturers have strict rules on only selling the item at retail price and allowing for their items to go on sale for no more than about 10% off retail. Some stores will sell it for say 10% cheaper than the retail price to make less profit and give you a better deal, but when the price is 50% cheaper than the retail price, there is a red flag on that item being counterfeit.

There are other stores that will sell counterfeit items at full price and make a huge profit of you. They do this so they don't look suspicious. So how can you tell if the item is fake? Well for one, if you are buying the item from a no-name store, you can contact the manufacturer to see if they are an authorized seller of their merchandise. Other ways of finding out about the item is to contact the store directly and ask if the item has a serial number, all fake merchandise has no serial number, all authentic merchandise of this type have a serial number stitched on the inside of the item provided by the manufacturer. You should also ask if the item has all the tags attached or if it's defective.

There is nothing better than getting the best deal possible deal on that great brand-name item you want, and by being careful and doing your homework, you can buy it for the cheapest price around and know you are getting a 100% authentic item.


















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