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There are many great reasons why buying clothing online is so great, however, the greatest thing about ordering clothing online is that you can get some amazing deals anytime of the year. Every online clothing store, whether big or small, have many great deals that will benefit you. In this section we will give you the top 6 deals to look for when you are shopping online. When you find these deals, grab your credit card and get shopping, as some of deals might be specials that only last a couple of days. If you are not ready to shop yet, why not Play Bingo Online and enjoy yourself before the shopping begins.

FREE SHIPPING: This is everyone's favorite deal when shopping online, most stores offer free shipping on orders over $50, however, other stores might offer free shipping on orders over $75 or $100 so make sure to look at their specials, usually they will let you know about the shipping on the home page. There are some stores that don't offer free shipping at all! we like to skip those!

TAX FREE: Online stores have to legally charge you tax only if your shipping address is in the same state as their store. Usually when you buy from big chains, you have to pay tax as they have stores all over the country, however, when you buy from smaller companies, you get your order tax free if your shipping address is in a different state than their store. (Example) If you live in California and the store you are buying from is in Florida, there is no sales tax charge!

VOLUME DISCOUNTS: Some online stores offer a 10% discount if you order over a certain amount. For example, if you order over $250 the might offer you free shipping + 10% off your order. Other stores might offer you a, buy 10 items get 1 free, this is usually on clothing stores that sell at discount prices.

DAILY DISCOUNTS: Many of the big chain online stores have sales on any giving day where they might offer 25% to 50% off all merchandise purchased that day. The best way to know when these sales will happen, you have to either sign up to there newsletter or just check the site daily.

CLEARANCE DEPARTMENT: Almost every online clothing store has one, but they are usually hidden. You can get super amazing deals in these departments, and they usually add new items daily. You can usually find a link to the clearance department on the bottom of the web page or on the bottom of the side bar from the store you are buying from.

SIGNING UP TO A NEWSLETTER: Any online store that offers a free newsletter with their specials is letting you know that if you join their email newsletter, you will be receiving coupons and special offers from their emails. When you see this, sign up to it, as most companies will give you special codes on their emails that can give you everything from free shipping to $10 off your next order.

Designer clothing sets the trend. Before any fashion styles hit the shops, they are elegantly paraded down the catwalk, and only the most fortunate and wealthy are able to own a fully designer wardrobe. A lucky few may be able to afford one or two pieces and those who are even luckier can win a designer clothing prize at dream bingo, but most people can only dream of having a special dress, handbag or shoes in their closet. There are hundreds of websites selling top brands but as most luxury items come with a heavy price tag, a lot of people who shop online avoid the official or authorized reseller websites and look for the cheaper alternatives. Often styled to look like the real thing these ‘bootleg’ websites usually offer gorgeous clothes at way below the cheapest prices anywhere else online and they are not hard to find. Just search for any designer brand-name jeans and the cheapest prices are usually from those websites, but beware, the pictures may be legit but the items are not. If designer clothes are out of your price range the best and safest way to get a luxury item online is to play for it, if your win a luxury item online it’s guaranteed to be the genuine real deal.















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