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When most people think of a pencil skirt, the first thing that comes to mind is that pencil skirts are only for working professionals. If you feel that way, it‘s ok, that is how the fashion industry has raised us. Pencil skirts are chic, sexy, and give you a sophisticated look, which is perfect for an office environment, and many working professionals usually use their pencil skirt to make a woman’s suit, by buying the matching jacket, but pencil skirts are not only for that purpose. Today, pencil skirts are made in an array of colors, fabrics, and styles, so anyone, at anytime, can choose to wear a pencil skirt, whether its for work, school, shopping, going out to dinner, or relaxing with family and friends. Today, women seem to be wearing skirts less and less, and only leaning towards jeans and pants. Wearing skirts in general is something more women need to do, and if you make it a pencil skirt, even better, as it gives you a slimmer look, and a classy touch, as you make a chic and stylish fashion statement. In this article about pencil skirts we will be focusing on our favorite color, the back pencil skirt, known for its easy going style that matches everything. We will discuss the different styles of black pencil skirts, how to choose the best black pencil skirt for you, and give you some fashion advice on what to wear with your black pencil skirt.

When you decide on buying a black pencil skirt, you will notice that there are more styles than you thought. On your journey into black pencil skirts, you will find sexy, chic, and trendy cuts, such as: above the knee black pencil skirt, below the knee black pencil skirt, high waist black pencil skirt, and low rise black pencil skirt. Within all these different cuts, you will find many different patterns and designs, such as: plain black pencil skirt, pinstripe black pencil skirt, hounds tooth black pencil skirt, plaid black pencil skirt, denim black pencil skirt, and a sheer lace black pencil skirt. Most pencil skirts have a slit on the back part of the skirt, to make walking easier, and it also gives the pencil skirt a fashionable touch. Most pencil skirts have darting on them, and many are sold with a matching belt these days. When it comes to fabric choices, you will find: cotton black pencil skirts, silk black pencil skirts, wool black pencil skirts, polyester black pencil skirts, and rayon black pencil skirts, usually, when you buy a solid black pencil skirt that has a lace overlay with some type of floral design. Lengths of pencil skirts can range from anywhere between 18 inches to 25 inches, and are widely available in all major online clothing stores.

Now that we have learned about the different cuts and styles of black pencil skirts, you have to choose the style that best fits your needs. First thing you need to do is realize why you are buying a black pencil skirt, and second, for what occasion. Here we will give you some examples. Lets say you want a black pencil skirt for school, shopping, or hanging out with friends, we would suggest a plaid black pencil skirt. This style is very basic and versatile at the same time, and can be worn with almost any top and shoes. Now, if you are looking for a black pencil skirt to either go out to dinner or a night out in the town, we would recommend a hounds tooth black pencil skirt. This style of black pencil skirt is sexy, trendy, and sophisticated, and if worn with the right attire, will make you the star of the night. If you are looking for a black pencil skirt to wear to work, we would recommend a pinstripe black pencil skirt with trouser cut pockets. This style of skirt is sexy, classy, and best of all, very professional, like a man wearing a pair of pinstripe suit pants.

After you have decided on what style of black pencil skirt you want and for what occasion you will be wearing it for, next comes what else you can wear with your black pencil skirt to look great. Lets say you decided on the plaid black pencil skirt, we would suggest a mocha colored screen print tee tucked in, with a wide ivory colored belt on the waist, and a pair of cute flats. This look is sexy, trendy, and super comfortable, perfect for school or just hanging out. If you chose the hounds tooth black pencil skirt, we would recommend an ivory colored thin knit V neck sweater, a silver necklace with a rhinestone, and a pair of sexy black stilettos. This look is beyond sexy, but it also has class, and will make you a queen for a night. If you decided on the pinstripe black pencil skirt with trouser cut pockets, we will hint at wearing a white button down ¾ length sleeve blouse, tucked in, a thin black waist belt, and a pair of black stilettos. This look is professional, sexy, chic, and will take you above and beyond in the office.

Now I think we have answered the question about pencil skirts only being for working professionals. As you can see, wearing a black pencil skirt is for anyone that wants to have a sexy and classy look, you just have to know what other attire to wear with it, to make right for that specific occasion. When you are in the market for your next black pencil skirt, make sure to buy your exact size, pencil skirts are very clingy, so if you buy a size too small, the skirt will look horrible on you, so make sure you buy your exact size in order to achieve the best look. On a last note, some women have complained about walking when they wear a pencil skirt, when you wear a pencil skirt, remember to walk with smaller steps and be graceful, basically, slow down and act the part, if you do, walking will not be a problem.


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