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Cardigan Sweaters | Who said wearing a cardigan was boring?


When cardigans where first introduced to people in the 1950’s, they all went wild and made it there go-to sweater during the cooler months. Today, much of the excitement still exist, and with clothing manufacturers creating some of the best cardigans that have ever been seen, cardigans will continue to be a staple item for many teens, juniors, women, and men. So, what exactly is a cardigan? A cardigan is like a jacket, but it’s usually made with wool or cotton, and can either offer a button down design, a zipper front, or an open front, and you can even find cardigan tunics. Most cardigan sweaters offer a V neck, you will find some with crewnecks and cowl necks, but the V neck design is the original and most often used. Cardigan sweaters are offered in an array of styles, like a: cardigan vest, screen printed cardigan, cardigan with a hoodie, cardigan with stripes, and much more. Cardigans are popular with all age levels and both genders, and the different styles of cardigans is what usually separates each age bracket, with younger people wearing flashier colors, and older people wearing more of a basic cardigan color, such as black, espresso, or cream. In this article we will talk about cardigan sweaters, what styles are available, which designs look best, and what to wear with your next cardigan.

Lets get started with the most popular styles of cardigan sweaters by age groups. For teenagers, flashy colors, stitched designs, and a hoodie are usually what you will find, and they go great with a pair of jeans and either tennis shoes or flats. Cardigan sweaters have become more and more popular within the teenager bracket, thanks to the modern designs and colors that are being made by clothing manufacturers. For juniors, you will find cardigans with basic colors and flashy colors, and either a number stitched on the front, a cute stitched design, or just a plain cardigan with a two toned color combination. You will find cardigan sweaters for juniors made with buttons or a zipper, and are usually very common between girls and boys going to school during the fall and spring months.

Cardigan sweaters for women are usually more professional and are made with softer colors and offer either a plain woven design, or a simple yet classy stitched design. Women usually wear cardigans to either cover up during the cooler months of the year, or to add style to their look. Many women choose cardigan sweaters over a basic sweater, due to the fact that they are easier to put on and take off, when going out. Cardigan sweaters for women don’t have to be boring, when most people think of a cardigan sweater for a woman, they think of plain boring colors, and they feel like if they wear a women’s cardigan, they will look older and un-fashionable. In theory, you could think that, because of all the movies that we see, but in truth, cardigan sweaters for women are super fashionable, are offered in an array of colors and styles, and can transform your look to chic and classy. Most women like to wear cardigans over camisoles, tube tops, and dresses.

The last of the cardigan family are cardigan sweaters for men. Cardigan sweaters for men have been extremely popular since the birth of the cardigan, if you watch any 50’s movie, most if not all of the men are wearing cardigan sweaters, whether they where in college, going to work, or hanging out at a diner, the cardigan would always be around. In today’s fashion world, men are still wearing cardigans, this time they are a bit different than they where back in the day. Today, cardigan sweaters for men are made in an array of styles, colors, and are still being used by all age brackets. Most men prefer to put their cardigan sweater over a button down top, as it gives them a professional yet comfortable look. You throw a pair of jeans and some converse, and you will be the talk of the town, looking classy yet trendy at the same time. Many men prefer a cardigan sweater over a standard sweater because it gives them more style, and the V neck design can show off a bit of the button down top to add a layered look.

As you can see, cardigan sweaters are for all to enjoy, the main thing when buying a cardigan sweater is to buy your exact size, cardigans do not look good when they are too lose or they are to tight. Stick to colors that best match your skin color, and stick to designs that you can wear often. Cardigan sweaters always look best when they are worn with either a pair of jeans or dress pants, with either dress shoes, flats, or tennis shoes. If you are a man and you buy a cardigan sweater with a stitched design on it, make sure to wear a solid colored button down top, so your look does not get too busy. Same thing for teenagers, juniors, and women, if you buy a cardigan with a design on it, wear a basic plain top, and if you buy a plain cardigan, you can add more fashion to your look by wearing a cute top with either stripes or a simple screen print.


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