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If you are in the market and looking to buy a grey tank top, you have come to the right place. In this article we will talk all about grey tank tops, the different styles of grey tank tops that are available, how to choose the right grey tank top for you, and the best way to wear a grey tank top. The best part about grey tank tops is that they are a basic yet sophisticated color. Grey is a neutral color, and goes with almost every color out there. Choosing a grey tank top is a great choice for many teens, juniors, and women, as they are easy to wear, give you a refreshing feel, and can give you a simple yet chic and trendy look. When most people think of a grey tank top, they think of a plain boring clothing top, that’s too bad, because a simple basic grey tank top can actually help you look trendy, sexy, and best of all confident. With all the choices in colors you can buy for a tank top, why choose a grey tank top? The answer is simple: Grey or charcoal, whatever you want to call it, is a beautiful and classy color, and can add depth and style to your everyday look.

Lets talk about the different styles of grey tank tops. You will find basic grey tank tops, ribbed grey tank tops, grey tank tops with a stitched design, grey tank tops with a screen print, grey tank tops with a lace straps and hem, and grey tank tops with cinching on the sides. You will also find different types of necklines, from a basic tank top scoop neck, to a V neck, to a straight neck, to a lace trimmed neckline. Within this group of tank tops, price levels can vary anywhere from $8 for a basic grey tank top, to $50+ for a stylish and trendy grey tank top. Usually grey tank tops that have a stitched design offer many different designs, like: a stitched floral design, stitched heart designs, or even a bird design stitched on. Screen prints on grey tank tops can vary from words, to designs, or both. Grey tank tops that offer cinching on the sides are a great way to give you a slim look, and give your grey tank top a better fit and clingy look.

Now you have to choose the right style and cut of tank top that fits your body and style best. Everyone looks great in a basic grey tank top, especially when you add accessories like earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. For those of us that are heavier, choosing a grey tank top with cinching on the sides is a must, as it gives our body a slimmer and sexier look. If you are the type of person that prefers to have some type of design on your grey tank top, make sure to choose a design that is not too busy, the simpler the design, the cuter and easier it will be to wear you grey tank top. You also have to decide on what type of neckline looks best on you, most people prefer the basic scoop neck, but don’t forget that a V neck can add a sexier look to your grey tank top, and a straight neckline is great when the weather is cooler. If you are looking for a sexy grey tank top, look no further than buying a grey tank top that has lace straps and a lace hem, there is something about a top that has lace that screams out sexy.

The best part about finally choosing the perfect grey tank top for you, is figuring out how to wear it. For some people that are not very fashion forward it can frustrating, but if you follow these simple and easy fashion tips and advice, you will be on your way to wearing your grey tank top with style and confidence. Lets say you chose a basic ribbed grey tank. If the weather is warm outside, we would recommend a pair or black or white shorts that are cute, or a pair of cute denim shorts, for shoes we would suggest a pair of stilettos that match your shorts. Now you add a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet (all matching in color) and you are ready to head out. If the weather is cooler outside, we would recommend a pair of dressy black or white trouser cut pants, or a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, for shoes we would suggest a cute pair of flats. Now you add a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet (all matching in color), and you will complete your look. When you are heading out to the cooler weather, put on a cardigan sweater that matches your outfit, or a solid colored single shoulder top to layer your look, and your set to go.

If you went for the grey tank top that either had a stitched design, a screen print, or some other type of trendy and fashion look, we would recommend the same as a basic grey tank top for the summer months and the cooler months, expect for the accessories, if your top has a design on it, you don’t want to take away from it, you can still wear earrings and a necklace, but make sure that they are low key, and don’t over take your outfit. If you want to look and feel great, and you have to remember that less is more, so try to keep your look simple, yet chic, trendy, and classy. As you can see, wearing a grey tank top can be very versatile and give you a chic and classy look. Now that you know all about grey tank tops, start shopping, and remember to always buy your grey tank top in your exact size, in order for it to really look great.


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