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We live in a fashion world that is no longer black and white. Clothing manufacturers have been making some of the most beautiful and colorful clothing we have ever seen. Everyone from teens, to juniors, to women have been choosing colorful clothing tops for their wardrobe, and it has helped many of us in giving us more fashion, a trendier look, and best of all, more confidence. In this article we will be talking about tank tops, in specific, the red tank top. Few colors in this world are as versatile as red, red is a color that has meaning, it can represent: love, hate, sexy, angry, passion, and negativity. However, when you wear a red tank top, it means nothing about what we just stated, red tanks are sexy for sure, but they also give your look a new dimension in fashion. Red tanks go with virtually any outfit, and are made in an array of styles and designs, from a basic ribbed red tank top, to a trendy and sexy red tank top, with stitched designs and an asymmetrical hem. Here we will talk about the different styles of red tanks, how to choose the right red tank top, and how to wear a red tank top, with style, confidence, and class.

A tank top is a simple cut of clothing top, so you know that clothing manufacturers had to take it to the next level of fashion. With red tanks, you will find an array of different styles, like: basic red tanks, tunic red tanks, red tank tops with lace on the straps and hem, red tank tops with stitched designs, red tanks with a sheer overlay, basic red tanks with a flower attached, red tanks with cinching, and red tank tops with screen prints. Most of these styles of red tank tops have a scoop neck, but you fill find: V necks, straight necks, and even crew necks. Some of these might even have a racer back, to give you a sexier and more fashionable look in the back. The color red is a basic color, but can also be transformed into many different shades of red, like: basic red, deep red, crimson, light red, cherry red, and lipstick red. When it comes to hem styles, you will find your basic regular cut hem, to tunic length hems, to asymmetrical hems, to lace hems.

As you can see, there are a plethora of styles in the red tank top department, and you will surely find a perfect red tank top for any occasion. With all the different styles of red tanks, how do you choose the right one for you? It really is not a question of which one is right for you, but which one is the right one for you for that particular occasion. If you are looking for a basic red tank top to wear to either school, work, or family dinners, we would recommend a red tank top that has style and personality, like a red tank with a tunic hem, and a stitched design. If you are looking for a red tank top to wear out to dinner, a date, or something fancy, we would suggest a solid red tank top with a sheer overlay, that maybe had some sequins. This style of red tank top is sexy, classy, and will make heads turn wherever you go, and you can even wear it during the holiday season. These are just suggestions on what styles of red tanks to wear, but there are so many different scenarios, that we would have to write thousands of paragraphs on each one, but when you think about it, it really is common sense on what style to wear, at each occasion. If you are going somewhere simple, keep it basic, if you are going somewhere extravagant, make it fashionable and unforgettable.

With all the styles of red tanks, you know that you have to match different styles of bottoms, shoes, and jewelry with each one. Lets say you will be wearing a red tank with a tunic hem, a ribbed bodice, and white lace on the hem and straps, we would suggest either a pair of medium wash skinny jeans or a pair of ivory colored trouser cut boot cut pants, put on some red flats or stilettos, and you have a professional and sexy look, perfect for work, school, or hanging out. If you where going out to a nice dinner or event, we would recommend a basic crimson red tank top, with a lace overlay, consisting of clear and red sequins, for the bottoms you can wear a black pencil skirt or a pair of black trouser cut boot cut pants. For shoes we would prefer to wear black stilettos, as they give you a sexy and confident look. If you are looking to put on some fashion jewelry, we always recommend that if you are wearing a basic top, you can dress up with your fashion jewelry, if you are wearing a fashion top with lots of detail, we always recommend wearing fashion jewelry that wont take away from your look, only compliment it, so basically don't over do it with the jewelry.

With everything we have covered about red tanks, the most important thing is always to buy your exact size. We cant stress this enough, so many teens, juniors, and women buy smaller sizes than what they really are, we are sure it’s a mental thing, but in the end, the top just does not look great on you. Wearing a sexy and trendy red tank top can only look good, if you make it look good, and you can make it look good by buying your size. Red tanks are meant to be clingy, but not overly tight or loose. So when you are out there shopping for your red tank top, remember that size does matter, and buying your true size, will not only make your red tank top look better, but it will make you more confident, sexy, classy.


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