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Imagine we lived in a world where every girl, teen or junior, and woman, only wore tank tops. What would that mean for you? Would you be the person that wears the same tank top every other person wears? Or would you be the person that wears that special tank everybody wants? A sequin tank kind of represent what we just stated. In reality, many people wear tank tops, but it‘s not the only clothing top around, we live in a world full of choices when it comes to clothing. Even with all the choices we have, wearing a sequined tank is still makes that special person, because not everybody wears one. Wearing a sequined tank gives you a different style, it gives you a layered look, makes you sparkle, and best of all, makes you stand out in a crowd. In today’s fashion world, everyone seems to follow the trends, and many times it seems we are all starting to dress like each other, wearing a sequin tank, can keep you looking trendy and fashionable, but you will be unique and chic. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? In this article we will talk all about the sequin tank, the different styles of sequined tanks that are available, how to choose the perfect sequined tank for you, and how to wear a sequined tank the right way, with style, personality, and class.

When it comes to styles, you will find a large variety of different styled sequined tanks, like a: tunic sequined tank, solid tank with sequined lace overlay, flowy A-line hem sequined tank, and a straight cut sequined tank. Within all these styles of sequined tanks, you will also find different styles of necklines, like a: scoop neck, V neck, straight neck, and a crew neck. Usually the colors combinations on a sequin tank are different than that of a regular cotton tank top, the color combinations used are more chic, classy, and best of all, unique. You will usually find sequined tanks like: black tank with silver sequins, black tank with gold sequins, espresso tank with silver sequins, espresso tank with gold sequins, gold tank with silver sequins, green tank with silver sequins, ivory tank with silver sequins, and purple tank with gold sequins, just to name a few. Within all these color combinations, you will also find sequins that also match the tank top, like a black tank top with black sequins. Some of these sequined tanks will have the sequins stitched right on the tank, others will have a plain tank, with a sequined lace overlay. Within all these styles, you will find all the necklines we talked about, and find them in different lengths and styles.

With so many different color combinations and styles when it comes to a sequin tank, how do you know which one is right for you? You can start out by choosing your favorite color, and make sure it looks good on you. If you are leaning towards a black sequin top, it will look great on anyone, but you only want to wear a black sequin top on evenings, as it is way too serious during the day. For daytime use, we would recommend colors that are not so serious, such as the ivory tank with silver sequins, or the a purple tank with gold sequins. Both of these colors look great on everyone as well, and can be worn during the day time, and even at night time. When it comes to the neckline, the two most common necklines you will find are the scoop neck and V neck. Choosing the right neckline can make all the difference on your sequin tank. How do you choose the right neckline? A sequined tank with a V neck seems to be used more when you are dressing for the evening, and the scoop neck is more of an everyday neckline on a sequined tank, you can wear during the daytime, as well as the evening. Most of the sequined tanks that you will find only have sequins in the front, and have a solid back, but you can find a sequined tank that has sequins on both sides.

As sexy and unique as a sequined tank can be, if you don’t wear the proper apparel with it, it just wont look good. Now we will give you some fashion tips on how to dress up with your new sequined tank. Lets say you purchased a black sequined tank with silver sequins to go our for a night in the town, for the bottoms we would recommend a pair of medium wash skinny jeans, with a pair of black stilettos. Now lets say you bought a green sequin tank with silver sequins to wear to work, for the bottoms we would recommend either a black pencil skirt with a pair of black stilettos, or a pair of black trouser cut cigarette pants, with a pair of white leopard print flats. On one last example, lets say you purchased a purple sequined tank with gold sequins and you plan on wearing it when you hang out with some friends, nothing fancy, for the bottoms we would recommend a pair of ivory colored linen pants with a boot cut hem, a pair of cute purple flats, and maybe some fashion jewelry that matches the sequined tank. Remember that wearing a cardigan or simple jacket over your sequin top will only make your look better, just make sure you have your cardigan or jacket opened up, so you can see the sequin top.

So, are we living in a world where every girl, from teen to junior, and every woman wear a tank top? Of course not, but tank tops are still one of the most bought and sought after clothing tops in fashion history. By choosing a sequined tank, you add more depth and style to your look, and with all the different color combinations and styles you can choose from, you cant go wrong when you buy a sequin tank. On a last note, when you have found that perfect sequined tank, and are ready to purchase it from the clothing store, make sure to buy your exact size, you will notice that many sequined tanks are cut different than regular tanks, sequined tanks usually fit you a bit looser than a regular tank top, this look is normal, and will make your sequins stand out. So remember, if you are in the market for a tank top, look into the sequined tank. Why go plain, when you can go sequin?


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