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In the fashion world there have been many trends, some are still alive, while others have faded away. When skinny jeans where brought to us by the fashion world, we all went haywire. In other words, it became one the biggest trends in jean history. What is it about a skinny jean that has made us all go head over heels? In all honesty, because they look great on, the fit perfect, and they go with everything. Skinny jeans are now widely available, from skinny jeans for girls, to skinny jeans for men, you will find a huge assortment of skinny jeans, from a basic pair of skinny jeans, to a skinny jean that has rips and a back pocket stitched design. Skinny jeans are not a new concept, in-fact in the 80’s many people where wearing skinny jeans, however, they where usually rock stars, and the look of the skinny jean just never really evolved. Somewhere in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s clothing manufacturers brought back the skinny jean, this time making better looking skinny jeans, with more designs, better fits, and best of all, way cuter looking skinny jeans. In this article we will talk all about the skinny jean, from the different styles of skinny jeans, to the best colors of skinny jeans, to how to wear skinny jeans.

So exactly how many different styles of skinny jeans is there? There are actually hundreds and hundreds of different styles of skinny jeans, we will try to cover the most popular and best looking skinny jean styles. To start, lets talk about the basic skinny jean, they usually have a 5 pocket design, are offered in light wash, medium wash, and dark wash, and are easy to match with tops. Basic skinny jeans give you a classy and stylish look that can be used for school, work, or going out. Then we have fashion skinny jeans, this type of skinny jean will usually have a 5 pocket cut, have stitching on the back pockets, and will either have rips or a whisker design on the legs. Fashion skinny jeans are more often worn by teens and juniors, as they offer the skinny jean look, but with a trendy and fun look. For those of you that are looking for a pair of skinny jeans that takes you to the next level, you will find boutique styled skinny jeans, with stitched designs on the legs, and more complex washes, like medium sandblast. These type of skinny jeans usually cost more than the other pairs of skinny jeans, and are usually worn by many celebrities, and will definitely give you a fashionable and unique look.

As you can see, there are many different styles of skinny jeans, many that we have not mentioned, like skinny jeans with ruffled back pockets, skinny jeans with rhinestone back pockets, and high waist skinny jeans. Within all these styles you will find many different washes, like: Light washed skinny jeans, Medium wash skinny jeans, Dark wash skinny jeans, Sandblasted skinny jeans, Black wash skinny jeans, and even Stone washed skinny jeans. If having one of these washes for your next pair of skinny jeans is not your thing, you can also find a great pair of skinny jeans in solid colors, such as: White skinny jeans, Black skinny jeans, Purple skinny jeans, Red skinny jeans, and Grey skinny jeans. Usually a skinny jean that is offered in a solid color as stated above, will almost have more of a pant look, than a denim look, but are still considered part of the skinny jean family since they are made with denim. Skinny jeans that are offered in solid colors are usually worn by many office working women and men, as it allows them to wear jeans to work, but since they have the skinny hem and look like pants, they can get away with wearing denim and have a professional look.

We have covered the different styles of skinny jeans, and the different washes and colors that are available, Now comes the fun part. How to choose the right pair of skinny jeans for you, and how to wear them and look great. First of, when you are shopping for a pair of skinny jeans, you have to buy a pair that represents who you are, don’t go out and buy a basic pair of skinny jeans if you have an outgoing and wild personality, go out and choose a skinny jean that is all about you. Second most important part about buying a pair of skinny jeans is the fit, the skinny jean is not meant to be loose fitting, they are meant to be tight and snug (not overly tight where you cant even button them down, but tight enough to give you the skinny jean look), basically make sure you buy your exact size, not one smaller, not one over. Wearing the correct size of skinny jeans, or any jean or pant for that matter, is very important when it comes to fashion, so don’t cheat yourself a size to make you feel better, because you will feel worst after you have them on and super uncomfortable, and the look wont be the same.

After you have found that special and perfect fitting pair of skinny jeans, you have to figure out how to dress up with them. Skinny jeans are not like boot cut jeans or flared jeans, even though they are all in the jean family, the skinny jean is very special, and must be worn with correct style in order to shine. If you are a teen, junior, or woman, this is an example of how to dress from head to toe when wearing skinny jeans. Lets say you bought a pair of basic dark washed skinny jeans with ruffled back pockets, for the top we would recommend wearing a fashionable and clingy black top, with flowy sleeves and cinching down the middle. For the shoes, we would recommend a pair of white flats, with a leopard print on them, or pair of long espresso colored fashion boots that you would tuck your skinny jeans into. If you can imagine this simple yet sophisticated look, you can now understand how to dress with skinny jeans, it's easy, quick, and very fashion forward.

If you are a boy or man wearing a pair of basic dark wash skinny jeans, we would recommend a white screen printed t-shirt, and a pair of nice tennis shoes, this look is fun, comfortable, and best of all will make you stand out. If you are a man that wants a professional look, we would suggest dark wash skinny jeans, a button down long sleeve top with the sleeves rolled half way up, and a nice pair of dress shoes, perfect for the office or hanging out with the boys. Now that you know all about skinny jeans, get out there and start shopping for a skinny jean that will make you shine.


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