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Added on: December 2011

Once December begins there is only thing on everyone’s mind, time to get your holiday shopping started before it gets too late. If you haven’t already started your holiday shopping this year, you better get a move on, as it seems that time is going faster than ever before, and before you know it, the season will end. If you will be buying your holiday gifts online this year, now is the time to shop, don’t wait anymore, otherwise you will have to pay for 2nd day air or next day air to ensure that you will receive your goods before the big day, and nobody likes to pay extra for faster shipping, so start now. If you will be buying clothing for loved ones or friends this year, make sure that the online clothing store that you are buying from offers an extended return policy for the holiday season, you don’t want to buy a dress for your daughter now, she opens it up on Christmas, and it does not fit her, and now it is too late to exchange or return, so make sure to look at there holiday return policy, most online stores offer this. Same thing goes for just about any other item you buy online this season, check there return policy to make sure you can exchange or return. On some quick fashion news, argyle sweaters and argyle cardigans are a must this season, if you run into any, buy them all, there is nothing better than wearing a super cute cardigan during the holiday season, plus the keep you super warm. Happy holidays!

Added on: November 2011

With Halloween now behind us, you can feel the holiday season is coming faster than ever before. Many people freak out about their holiday shopping and usually wait until the last minute to buy what they had to buy. If you are an online shopper, and will be doing most of your holiday shopping online, now is the time to get started. During the month of November many online stores are offering deep discounts on many of their items, and are offering a huge selection of products. Online stores, like walk-in stores, usually hike their prices during the holiday season, as they know that people have no choice but to buy, so if you out smart them and start your shopping now, you will not only save big, but you wont be stressed out all holiday season, thinking about your holiday shopping list. The best part of shopping online is that you will usually find the best and cheapest price on the items you are looking for, and that most online store are offering free shipping, no tax, and an after Christmas return policy, which means that if you buy something online today, you will be able to exchange or return it after Christmas, even though they have a 30 day return policy, however not every store offers this, so make sure to look for it in their returns policy section. Be smart and live happy, start your holiday shopping today, and don’t wait another minute, this way you will enjoy the holiday season they way it is supposed to be enjoyed, relaxed.

Added on: October 2011

Fall has arrived and the cooler weather is approaching. Is your wardrobe ready for the cooler weather? If not, now is the time to buy your clothing for fall and winter. Searching through online clothing stores, we found some amazing deals on cotton sweaters, drape neck sweaters, and tunic sweaters. This season trendy and fashionable sweaters are in, so the best way to stay ahead of the trends is to buy now. Many online stores are offering free shipping on all orders and no tax if you live in a different state than the online clothing store. That is the best part of buying clothing online, you don’t have to even step a foot out of your door, you find what you want online, you buy it, and wait for it to get delivered to your door. What more can we ask for? And of course, when you buy your clothing online, you get choose from a plethora of different online clothing stores, you can look for the best deals on the cutest styles without breaking a sweat or driving all over town. So, if you are ready to buy your fall and winter clothing, get online and start searching for those perfect fall and winter sweaters. Remember to always check the online stores return policy, to make sure you can return or at least exchange the item for a different size or style.

Added on: September 2011

Many people wonder if buying clothing online is safe? They wonder if they are going to get ripped off from a website they have never seen before, but offers great deals, the feel like their security is at risk. Usually people that thinks in this matter are either new to the internet and have not taken the step to find out more about how much you are protected when you shop online. First of all when you use your credit card online and some how some way someone steals your credit card number, you are not liable for any charges that the thief has made with your card. You are fully covered by your credit card company. If you buy clothing from a small company online that you have never heard of and they rip you off, again, you are protected by your credit card company. The best way for you to find out how protected you are, is to contact your credit card company and ask to speak to a representative about online security. Shopping online for clothes is amazing, you find the best clothing at the best possible prices. Don’t let something like online security scare you off from having a great experience shopping for clothing online. In today’s online world, you are fully protected from anything and everything.

Added on: August 2011

The month of August means only one thing…Back to school! Its time to get ready to head back and most of you, whether going to high school, college, or just back to your office job, need a new wardrobe, you cant wear last years clothing again this year? If you buy your clothing online you need to get started now on your shopping, as you will receive your order either in 3 days or sometimes 2 weeks, so the sooner you get started the better of you will be. So what styles are in for this fall? it seems like the trend is going towards browns, mustards, and turquoise. When you are looking for clothing online, search for “fall 2011 clothing” and you will se what is the trend this upcoming season. If you are still new to shopping online and feel the time strain is to close for you, then head out to your local shopping center or mall but you will be paying more for your clothing than you will if you ordered it online. As for the rest of summer get out there and enjoy the warm sun and the time off, as before you know it, September will be here.

Added on: July 2011

Summer is here, and it’s time to head out for the swimming pools and the beaches. The problem is, do you have a cute bathing suit? Having the best possible bathing suit for your body can make all the difference in your confidence. That being said, there are all sorts of great deals on everything from bikinis to one piece bathing suites. Swimwear has a huge presence online, when you buy your next bathing suit online, you will find thousands of selections from reputable stores, that can have your swimwear in less than 5 business days in your door. In today’s swimwear market, one piece bathing suits are becoming popular again, the difference is that most designers are adding cinching on the sides, to give the bathing suit a better look and a much better fit. For those of us that have a bit of a belly, a one-piece with cinching on the sides is the only way to go, and if you get it in black, even better, as black makes you look slimmer. For those of us that are summer-ready shape, there are some really beautiful bikinis out there, with all sort of prints. When you are searching for bathing suits online, you will find all sorts of prices, we have seen some bathing suits for juniors that start at $15, now that is a supreme deal. Good luck in your search or the perfect bathing suit and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Added on: February 2011

As February rolls around, most of us are thinking only one thing….Valentines day! So have you found that amazing dress you where thinking about for your Valentines dinner? Are you on a budget? Guess what? You can get a dress that makes you sparkle, at a price that makes your wallet happy. The best place to do this? Online of course. Many of the questions people have when buying clothing online is “How do I know it will fit?” and “Will the color be same as it showed on the picture?”, unfortunately all brands of clothing run different in sizes and most peoples computer monitors are adjusted differently, so it has hard to say. Always look at the stores size chart as your guide for sizing, and every store always tells you the color of the item. If you buy your item online, you will get it at a better price than a regular store, and possibly not even pay tax or shipping! If you are looking for that perfect Valentines day dress, search online, you will find just what you are looking for, if you ever have any questions about an item, you can always email or call the company and they will assist you in getting you that perfect dress for that special night.

Added on: January 2011

Hard to believe the new year is already here. If this year you skipped on having some new years resolutions, no problem. We will help you out and give you resolutions on how to dress better, find great online clothing stores to buy from, and help you in deciding what styles fit your body best. Lets get started with dressing better, I’m sure many of you have heard of the hit TV show "What not to wear", none of us will ever admit that we need to be on that show, but truth be told, many of us do. We usually where the same jeans, shoes, and boring tops. This year focus on having more style and class. Wear colors that fit with the season and don’t be afraid to try a new pair of jeans. So now that you have decided you want to change your dress style, where can you find these clothing items at "Recession proof" price? well online of course! when searching through say..Google, always type up the word "discount" in front of whatever you are searching for. So if you are looking for a new pair of skinny jeans, type "discount skinny jeans" and you will usually find the best priced items in the first page. Last but not least, knowing what type of clothing to wear with your body type. You usually only want to wear tight clothing when you are slim and it looks right. If you have some curves (which is OK) don't be one of those people that where jeans (2) sizes to small and your curves are flapping out of your waist line. Always where your size to look your best. Remember, it is a new year, so try new things, get rid of your everyday jeans and take a lead into the unknown.


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